A Mayor builds a statue of his penis on a roundabout

The amazing “monument” can be fully enjoyed in the heart of Baton Rouge – Louisiana, where the Mayor had just finished adorned a roundabout with a statue, which seems to be a penis, according to vague reports his own.

As in many parts of USA, there is a roundabout under construction for almost 2 years. Following several requests by the people in the region, the building work’s done since last week and according to the Mayor the statue represents a typical regional mushroom, “It’s a cock, never better, that’s all it is, I don’t like being taken for a sucker”, a angry neighbor said.

According to rumors, the statue perfectly represents the man’s genitals more specifically his penis, “The Mayor was a party man in his youth and several women recognized perfectly that it is. For that they said that it isn’t about any type of mushroom”. The neighbors have collected petitions to the immediate removal of the memorial, but they will have to rely on different social networks because the city doesn’t have enough people.

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