Goes to the Hospital with a Nespresso coffee capsule into his ass

A resident from the city of Omaha, Nebraska, was admitted into the emergency room at Douglas County Hospital with a severe stomach pain, so he was admitted immediately to perform the tests required. The results really surprised everyone because the patient had a foreign body in his gut, which turned out to be a coffee capsule.

Patient explained doctors that he had read on internet that anal uptake of substances are faster and guaranteed more effect. “I had a trip scheduled to Lincoln to visit my girlfriend, I just needed something to keep me awake on the way”, the only coffee that he had on hand were Nespresso coffee capsules and he couldn’t think anything better that put it in his ass, “I thought it would be dosed little by little”.

The young man was underwent surgery to remove the capsule. Now he is progressing well and he is waiting to leave the hospital. “Nothing like this will ever happen again, next time I’ll try it with an envelope”.

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