An old man has left 4 assistants pregnant in an asylum

An 82-year-old man, in the time he has spent in an asylum, he has left pregnant no less than four workers pregnant.

The stunning case has come to light after last pregnant woman and that one of his roommate heard about it “I already knew that he was having a relationship with some of them, I think he’s in remarkably good shape for a man his age, he is a quite the ladies’ man and he know how win the heart of these girls”. When everybody found out the last pregnant woman, the other old man tied up loose end and he did tell everybody else. Rumor didn’t take it long to get the director, that he didn’t take it very well.

“We have decided to move this man to another much more luxurious asylum, I will personally pay all the expenses, it’s cheaper for me than having him here. I need to find a replacement to each pregnant woman”. At the moment there are 4 cases that have come to light but could be even more, “I mean, I’ve slept with some of my roommates even some visitors, who knows how many kids I am giving to this world”, he said proud.

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