She married with eye patch after got blow with penis of a male stripper in her bachelorette party

On the most special day of her life, her wedding, when a woman always wants to be more beautiful than ever, highlight her beauty and dazzle one’s guests, Jane, daughter from an Asian marriage, those who live in North Carolina, shows up at the altar with an eye patch, which it surprised to everyone even her bridegroom.

When she got to church, she said that she had punched herself with the umbrella handle, for what she had to take a patch as a precaution. When the open bar started, the attendees began send photos between them to demonstrate that the accident was really a blow with the penis of a male stripper that her friends hired for the bachelorette party.

“We hired a brunette man, who dances very well, to make a private party to our friend. At the moment when he took his G-string near her with such force hit her in the eye”, a friend of her told. On the other hand the bridegroom said, “If she tells me that it has been with a handle, it must have been with a handle”.

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