She gets her sight back and leaves her boyfriend because he’s ugly

When Julian G.M., a neighbor of Jerez de la Frontera (Spain), visited his girlfriend, Mariela L.H. at the hospital, where she was recovering from a recover sight operation, he never thouth what was about to happen.

The operation had been a full success. The woman had recovered almost 90% of vision in both eyes by applying the latest techniques known in the field of eye surgery, but as soon as she saw her boyfriend, she cried so hard and asked the boy to leave, «you are so ugly, I don’t want you».

«I don’t understand what could have happened. I’ve been with Mariela for four years, I’ve given her everything, and we’ve always been happy. I would never had paid her the operation,» Julián tells us sobbing. «I’m sorry, but he is ugly. It is true that he has been very good to me, but now that I see, I want to see nice things, and I want a handsome boyfriend ,» says the patient. Love is blind.

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