Hospitalized for jerking off 54 times in a row, because his subscription to Pornhub premium was finishing

A 19-year-old spanish boy,with  the acronym of R.G.C., was hospitalized yesterday afternoon at the Guadalajara Hospital suffering from severe dehydration.

Apparently, the problem was due to a long masturbation session that the young man had maintained since last night. After being asked by the medical team, the young man confessed that he jerked off a total of 54 times, which caused him a seriously dehydrated. The reason why the young man had remained almost 24 hours of continuous masturbation session, is because his subscription to the popular porn video portal Pornhub. was about to end.

“I had a month subscribed to the platform and I hadn’t had time to take advantage of it. My subscription was about to end and I wanted to get all the juice», the young man explained as soon as he recovered. Now it evolves favorably, but sad, because he will not have Pornhub anymore.

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