Wins the Mother’s Day lottery and rejects the prize because she has no children

As incredible as it seems,  the only winner of the Mother’s Day lottery, has decided to reject his prize, because «it’s not fair considering I’m not a mother yet» she said.

The protagonist of this news is a 27-year-old spanish girl, who was given a coupon for this May 6, and after winning, has decided to decline the prize. «Does not seem fair keep the money, I don’t have childrens so I don’t deserve this special prize.  A real mother deserve it for real».

From the administration, they can’t believe this situation, and don’t know what to do now with the prize: «the young woman insists that she doesn’t deserve the money, but we can’t repeat the draw. We are considering returning the amount of the tickets to all the people who bought it, as long as they bring their corresponding ticket «

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