Bachelor party ends up in 17 divorces

Charles, a young man 33 years old, and his girlfriend, Laura, after a long engagement, had decided to marry next March in a ceremony in style.

As expected, the friends and companions of Carlos organized a bachelor party, consisting of a trip to the Caribbean. There was where the chaos began. Sex, alcohol, strepteases, orgies, threesomes, etc, etc. They were very drunk, so, everything was recorded by the guests and sent to the WhatsApp group they shared. Nobody noticed that one of the group was a spy, named Lewis, but really named Sophie, the wife of one of them who had infiltrated.

This girl, surprised and scandalized by what he was seeing on his phone, did not hesitate to send the photos and videos to each wife or girlfriend she knows. The worst thing of all has not been the suspension of the wedding, but the 17 divorce lawsuits, resulting from the unfortunate bachelor party.

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