A hippo’s fart causes injuries three people at a zoo

The events occurred yesterday morning in Cabarceno, a spanish famous zoo, when a group of old people were visiting the park in a vacacional trip.

When the group was visiting the hippopotamus enclosure, one of the animals surprised everyone with a incredible windiness. «I had never seen anything like this and everything happened very fast.  At first we thought it could be a bomb, but then we realized that the hippopotamus was tje guilty one» explains one of the witnesses. 3 people were taken to the hospital in a state of shock.

The managers of the park assure that nothing similar had ever happened to them. although they recognize that the hippopotamus was suffering from stomach problems the last weeks. «We warn people not to feed the animals.  They never listen to us, and these are the consequences, «explains Toni García, caretaker of the hippos. Fortunately,  the three hospitalized are ok and they will be at home soon.

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