A man defends the miracle of Christmas because he is sterile and his wife is pregnant with twins

This morning, a neighbor of a town in Extremadura (Spain), screamed loud that a miracle had happened.

At first, everybody thinks he had won the lottery, but after that, they were surprised when they knowed what was really happening. «I am going to be a father, the miracle of Christmas exists, I am sterile and my wife is pregnant, but that is not all. She will have twins, thank you very  much Lord, you are so great, it’s a miracle «.

His friends didn’t tell anything to him, but when he leave, they talk about how much worried were they about the situation. «It’s difficult to believe, I would ask her wife again, and I would try to think where were was she the last month». His wife dind’t tell anything. She just said «yes honey, a miracle, come on, let’s go home».

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