Hospitalized after trying a 69 thinking that it was about consecutive orgasms

A young couple from North Dakota was taken to hospital late last night with obvious signs of dehydration after try to get 69 orgasms, they were thinking that’s what people meant when talked about to make 69.

The famous sex position has been close to conduct this young couple to a tragedy. Last night they were alone at their house and they took the opportunity to have a sexual feast “Many friends talk about 69, It is a highly praised sexual practice and we decided to carry out”. The issue was they didn’t know it was refers a sexual position and they thought it consisted of having 69 orgasms.

“The truth it seemed to us so excessive, we also did not know if it was in total or each, but well, we started to work”, he says innocently. “We started very encouraged, but when we were already 13 or 14 orgasms, I do not remember well, I started to get very dizzy and we had to stop”, she clarifies. They ended up calling an ambulance and they were admitted with several symptoms of dehydration. In addition, we clarify them all about the famous 69.

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