He fed his hens with weed and made a fortune selling their eggs

A young man from Tennessee has been pioneer in this novel and worthwhile idea. He launched a variety of this basic food that it should really be in every household.

The young entrepreneur implemented an extraordinary idea that was born at a drunken evening with friends. He recognizes that before to launching the project, he tried some grandmother’s hens. He isolated these animals and then he proceeds to feeding it exclusively with leaves and buds of cannabis. First he did it with 10 birds and currently he has more than 100.

“It sell like hotcakes, it is just a little more expensive than a regular eggs but it are for a special occasion. People call it laughter eggs, its effect is relaxing and very enjoyable. It doesn’t compare to a joint because tetrahidrocannabinol or (THC) is very low, but the effects are noticeable, wow your eggs!!, my clients tell me.

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