Prostitute dismissed for asking customer if «he was already inside»

A prostitute of Arkansas has been dismissed last weekend because she asking customer during her service if he already had his penis inside her.

Vicky G. has been practicing prostitution since 19 years at the same brothel and also she has been assessed as very good. Until this weekend everything had already listened her boss were good words. But Saturday night had a slip that it cost her job. “This has never happened to me, I know very well what kind of things I have to say to my clients, but we’d been doing it for a while and I did not feel anything at all, so it just… I asked the question”.

The costumer disgusted has filed a claim and he threatened to take legal action for psychological damage, so the boss had no choice, “She was one of my best girls, but that’s the way the business is. The customer is always right, whether he has a small cock”.

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