Raining dildos in a town due to a failure with the cargo airplane

The event took place in Medford, Oregon; this community has been surprised this morning with an atypical rain. Thousands of dildos have fallen upon town due to something wrong with the cargo airplane.

The “rain of dildos”, as it was called by the people, had been responsible for a number of damage, in turn, too many jokes between residents of this small community. Luckily, most of the load were plastic dildos, “falling down from high above have caused damage, but thankfully, it wasn’t fall directly in head of some people, could have been a tragic accident”.

Some neighbors of the village proceeded to take some of these, “Dildos are falling from sky, never better, so we’re take advantage and get something out of this situation”. Most of the material has already been removed by the cleansing services, but some people are keeping up with the intention of attracting tourism to the town due to this, “It almost broke my head, let’s see if we can win something”, said the mayor.

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