He pretends to be a garbage man for two years to go out and coming home late

It took place last weekend in Massachusetts, a lady called 911, requesting an ambulance when she watched one of their children suffered a severe attack of asthma.

When ambulance and police got there, they recommended take the child to the hospital, so this lady called her husband to take care for their other four-year-old son. Because it was impossible for her contacting him, Police showed up at the waste management corporation which he works. But manager informed them that there didn’t know anyone by that name. “My husband had been nearly two years as garbage man, Wednesday to Sunday; he leaves approximately at 9:00 tonight and come back at 5 am”.

Then lady filed a petition for divorce, because she couldn’t believe how he could cheat on her for so long. “In need my space and hanging out with friends, so if I don’t do it like that, she doesn’t let me out or for tobacco” explains the garbage man in court.

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