Women in a village decide to have sex with their husbands every day to get closure a brothel

A total of 43 women in the Rhineland Village on the Missouri have come to an agreement to have sex with their husbands in order to get the closure a brothel, which it was opened in the town last month.

After several meets thinking about how they can get closure of the establishment. Women came to the conclusion that the best way was provided to their couples a sufficient quantity of sex, so they wouldn’t have to find it somewhere else. “If we keep our husbands happy, eventually they will stop going to that place. Mind you, when it will close, it would be best for them to forget sex, because it’s tiring”, explains one of the ladies in town.

Apparently, this action was carrying out its mission, because the number of people that usually visited the establishment had significantly decreased to the point of force prostitutes to go out to demand their rights. “We don’t think it’s fair that they do this to us, we also pay bills and we have a right to work. If it was only at least to satisfy their husbands, we would understand it, but they’re doing it to bug us and so closing down” explains the owner of the brothel.

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