Passes his driver test in the morning, and got license revoked in the afternoon

A youngster from Bristol, UK, beated the national record last week in his hometown, getting and losing his driver licence on the very same day, Last wednesday he was doing his practical’s driver test around noon and after 20 minutes he passed it with flying colors along with his instructor greetings.

As you already must know, you do not get your licence card immediately. All you need is some days until you actually get it in your hands. But this young man could not wait and was so eager to drive that the very same evening he went out with some friends to celebrate it and had no better idea than making his way to a bar driving his car.

Unfortunately for him, a traffic police control got in his way  and ordered for his licence. ‘Hey officer, I passed my exam this morning… I can drive. I was even congratulated…’ were his useless words. Obviously it didn’t work and now his non-received license yet has been suspended and he will need to pay a fine.


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