Strip club does discounts in Christmas to people named Jesus

A strip club in Valencia (Spain), has become news after announcing this curious, and controversial in some ways, promotion. During the Christmas dates they will offer substantial discounts to customers called Jesus.

The idea came from one of the womans. «Christmas is a very beautiful date, and I thinked it wast interesting to contribute in some way to this celebration, last year we dressed as Papa Noel.» The manager was excited about the idea of ​​making a discount only to customers with that name «after all, there will not be many, we will attract the attention of many people, and the cost will really be quite low, though, we will demand to show the personal identification, because there is a lot of smart boys”

In its first week of this promotion, there has been a lot of «Jesus people» visits. So much that some of the girls have complained about overwork. “We don’t understand where they are coming from, but it seems that they come from all over Spain».

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