He catches his wife in bed with a black man, and she says it’s black Friday

A neighbor of a town of Spain, found his wife with a black male in bed. when he arrived home last Friday. When asked her about that unpleasant situation, the lady only answered «honey, don’t be angry, it’s Black Friday, an American tradition.»

“These americans thing are fed up with me. Halloween, Black Friday …, there’s no good invent from that people»,
commented the husband to the neighbors who came due to the screams of the couple. «Mariano, I think they are cheating you , because I have seen this handsome man around here, other days, not Fridays,» a friend told him.

The wife apologized saying that “I have heard about Black Friday, and it seems that I have not understood well. It is not a big deal,
my husband always gets angry for nothing”. The victim, meanwhile, has ended the controversy. «From now on, at home only Spanish traditions, to avoid misunderstandings

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