Sperm bank nurse gets pregnant after not washing her hands properly

A nurse in a fertility center, whom is in charge of managing sperm bank, has accidentally become pregnant after manipulate some samples and not wash their hands properly.

The curious case took place a few weeks ago, Kim Joyce was simply doing her job like any other days, but she made a mistake, after collect and store some samples she didn’t wash her hands as recommended the security protocol. Later, she had to go to the bathroom and when she got clean, she made direct contact with her genitals, so unlucky she become pregnant.

The young lady, single and without a recent romantic relationship, she was surprised to know the news about her pregnancy, because she assure it was impossible. So, after practice a pregnancy test, she found a match with a semen sample from her workplace, which showed her imprudence and non-compliance with the regulations. “I admit, I messed up, well, the finger in this case, it will never happen again».

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