He leaves a party drunk and calls a taxi forgetting the party was at his house

The event took place shortly after 2:00 in the morning at Denver (Colorado), when a 53-year-old neighbor took a taxi «back» to his house.

Once the cab driver’s arrived, he invited the customer in. So after they moved a couple blocks, driver asked about his exact address, he told him to bring him home, saying that he was too drunk, although it was quite evident. To driver’s surprise that address was coincide with the place where he had picked him up. “Holy shit, You let me in the same place, now I remember that the party was at my house and I went out to smoke, I’m too drunk, then I don’t pay you”, driver expressed.

The driver held him down, while he called to 911 requesting police’s presence to explain that plight. The police had to intervene and a lot muffled laughs were heard. The whole thing was absurd, so the forgetful drunk had to pay $12 for the little ride.

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