14 years faking being a truck driver because he cannot put up with his wife

Martin S. Penn, 48 finally confessed that he has been faking being a truck driverhi for the last 14 years  so he doesn’t need to show up at home and put up with his wife.

Penn, from Staithes, Yorkshire UK, won a lottery years ago and stopped working. But because he didn’t want to spend every day with his wife, he bought a truck and has been nearly 14 years going across the country but loading nothing at all, just ‘driving the time go by’ he explained. ‘I know a lot of people don’t like to drive, but you should meet my wife. You will not like spending more than 1 hour around her. I got lucky and decided that the best option would be going far away from her’ the false truck driver confessed.

After finding out, his poor wife stated ‘I really had suspicions because I never saw his paychecks nor I was able to know what company he was working for. Anyway I will stay by him. Let him drive around with his truck while I enjoy my share of the prize’.

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