Denounce his drug dealer after he had been smoking for 4 years parsley instead of marijuana

The unusual allegation was made yesterday morning in a police station in Ohio, a 28 years old man declared against a drug dealer, but he didn’t do it to report this illegal activity, he just wanted to complain about 4 years of consumption of parsley instead of marijuana.

The police tried to take this issue with humor “He came outraged and he said that he wanted to file a complaint against a drug trafficker, so we attended him and it was then when he told us everything”. Apparently, the young man had been buying him marijuana for 4 years, but he had been merely giving him parsley.

The young man has pointed, “Honestly, the smell was very similar, but he told me that it was a new variety and so I could smoke it at home because no one would suspect, but as time went on, I just slowly became aware that I barely felt any effect when I consuming the supposed marijuana, so I told it some friends”. Logically, friends in addition to bothered, they informed him that it was parsley and that was the reason he decided to denounce the situation, “I don’t mind people know, I want my money back”.

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