She punches him for looking at her boobs blatantly but he turns out to be blind

The event took place this morning at the premises of a Walmart in Colorado. A pretty lady, who had entered the store, had noted that a man with dark glasses placed close to the front door couldn’t stop looking her. Being close, he took the opportunity and gazed straight her neckline.

Without thinking twice, she threw her arm up and punched his in the face. Man was paralyzed, at the same time as his dark glasses fell on the floor. The aggressor lady then realized that this man was blind, when she saw his white eyes.

The blind man suggested that if she gave him $100, he would not report her, even though he had many witnesses for her aggression. The young lady has accepted the payment proposal, however it should be noted that she hasn’t been the only that has paid him. He is blind, but with 15 or 20 punched a month and then with a good blackmail, he can earn a big salary.

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