A brothel offers a discount to be used in a dark room without choosing whore

An adult nightclub located in New York has implemented a funny promo, in which they offer a discount to its customers if they accept a service without choosing a candidate.

“Client pays half and we take him to our dark room, where he will enjoy the service of any girl that we choose for him” manager explained and also clarified “It was just the only thing we could think for every girl should have the same job opportunity”. It was a increasingly successful initiative, because according to manager, sales has increased by 48% since it was implemented, and now all the rooms follow this novel method. This method is officially called «The dark room» but among customers call it “Whore roulette”. “It is like a lucky bag; never know what you’re going to get… I like when I get a fat girl, but the worst is when I get a black girl, because you only can see the whites of her eyes and it’s overwhelming”, one of the customers explained.

Rumors would suggest that a customer after enjoy “The dark room service” and when he switched the lights on, he found that the lady, with which he was having sex, was his sister. But we already know how the people are, surely it is gossip.

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