She has been working for free in a brothel to catch her husband there

This curious case has become news in the small town of Passaic, New Jersey. A woman has been working for free about 2 years in a brothel to catch her husband.

Apparently woman suspected her husband and she decided to catch him in the act, “He went out two or three times a week and He come home every night smelling like cheap perfume. I knew where he was headed and I decided to give him his due, so talk to the manager of the brothel and I’ve volunteered to work for free until I catch my husband”.

The strangest thing about it is that It’s been 2 years and she has never been found her husband there “I’ve never been to a brothel, the cheap perfume is belongs to a friend, because we always go bowling at least twice a week, he’s a little effeminate. And I heard all about my wife’s work from a friend, but I couldn’t believe it”. Woman has tried apologizing hundreds of times to her husband, “I’ve been working for a long time, although I’ve never earn a penny, I’ve learned a lot and I promise to put it into practice with him, if he gives me another chance”.

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