Expelled from Aquatic Park after going down on waterslide while he had diarrhea

A user was expelled from SeaWorld Orlando this morning, after use a water slide while he had diarrhea, resulting in a really bad experience.

Some people reported to what was going on, according to tourists “Due to the strong odor all authorities were present immediately, because it was a stinky smell”. Apparently a young man, who wasn’t in his better condition, threw himself down from a water slide and that’s where it all started. “I had spent the whole night on the bathroom, I really thought that I didn’t have anything inside my bowels, but obviously I was wrong”. It seems that the adrenaline of the moment gave free rein to diarrhea again.

The waterslide is out of commission, because the pool water changed color to brown “when we arrived to get it out of the pool, poops still ran all down his body. We don’t know what this guy had for breakfast, but he sure did make a mess. We it’ll probably take us a couple weeks to return our normal activities. Our team is working to clean as fast as possible and make all this goes away”. Many people have already started calling this attraction “Chocolate Slide”.

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