She broke her vocal cords while doing the SUCC on her boyfriend

A serious incident took place in Albuquerque, a young lady was present at the emergency room and she complained of severe sore throats. Once she was diagnosed, it turns out to be a tear on her vocal cords caused by suck her boyfriends cock.

The young woman went to Emergency Room with a throat swelling and severe pain. Doctors had done some tests on her and they get the answer. She had a broken vocal cord “It is a very rare injury, that’s why we scared a bit. We had to insist on the causes of the injury, so that once she had said it, we thought maybe we should never have insisted”.

The injury was caused by her boyfriend’s cock, “I felt ashamed to tell what had happened to me, especially to my parents, but that afternoon my boyfriend told me something that he had seen in a movie and we decided to try”. The young woman tried to performing oral sex to her boyfriend and she put his dick all in her mouth, “I said her that we can try but I know I have it too big and it would be hard, but she’s very stubborn. And she did make it but she’ll not be able to sing anymore” he says sadly.

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