He wins a marathon because he was shitting himself

The last Shangai marathon edition had a surprising winner. Ki Won Thai, 34 is an amateur runner who won out against all odds, although there were even professional runners and one olimpic record-holder participating,

When everybody thought that it would be one of the favourites who would arrive the first to the finish line, in an unexpected turn of events a local and totally anonymous runner started to go up positions that resembled more the run of a sprinter than that of a endurance athlete. The big group of people watching the end of the race could not believe their eyes and clapped their hands to the unknown hero like crazy.

But the runner disappeared soon after going through the finish line. Finally, after some minutes of wait, he could be interviewed and before the surprised journalists he admitted ‘Honestly I was not running well today, but after kilometer 35 I had a strong tummy cramp and I did not want to give up, so I ran as fast as I could to the next toilet, behind the finish line’

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