Woman skipped 9 stop lights because of explosive diarheea and dodged police fine

Susan Blow, 36, of Bristol, went through the fastest ride of her life when she ran nine red lights on her way home because she heard the call of nature.

After eating in a japanese restaurant she got into her car and drove towards home. ‘Suddenly I felt like an explosion inside my guts. I needed to go to the loo as soon as possible so I sped up and I didn’t stop until I arrived home’ she said. On her way she committed several infractions, like jumping nine red lights. A police car chased her very close but they could not stop her. ‘We got a call and we managed to find her, but it was impossible to stop her’, they explained.

Once she arrived her house, she went straight in although she heard the officers screaming she still did not stop until she got seated in her toilett. ‘The moment I was done I attended to the officers and I apologized. I explained my urgency and they understood’. she said. One of the police officers even joked ‘It’s understandable. Shit happens to anyone.’

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