Married in the morning, divorced in the afternoon caught in the bathroom with his mother in law

This weekend, a spanish couple married civilly in the morning and requested that same afternoon, during the celebration of their wedding, the papers for the divorce, after catching the boyfriend maintaining relations with his mother-in-law in the bathroom of the celebrations room .

The shocking news has reached all media due to the achievement of a new Guinness record for the shortest marriage. The boyfriend had ingested too much alcohol, «I was very nervous all day, so I started drinking before the ceremony. Before the party I was in full swing».

In one of his visits to the bathroom he coincided with her mother-in-law «I’ve never seen him as a son, he is too hot, my daughter is very lucky. So when he winked at me, I could not resist and I went to bathroom with him.» the bride’s mother said. A cousin saw them and warned the bride, immediately ending the party. «I’ve already asked her for forgiveness. She looks a lot like her mother and I was so drunk. I could not differentiate them, maybe the dress should have given me a clue» he said.

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