Parents accidentaly order a bukake for their daughter on her 18th birthday thinking it was a beauty treatment

Laura’s parents wanted to give her a very special gift on her 18th birthday. So they hired on the Internet a bukake to do it after her party, thinking it was about a novel Japanese beauty treatment.

Her birthday passed with normality, until it was over. When it is time to her surprise, suddenly a dozen naked men of completely varying ages and races appeared. “We were confused, we expected some kind of Japanese masseur, but we received in return a lot of men asking about our daughter while they touched their packages” her mother remarked surprised.

Laura didn’t understand anything about this gift, but she did trust her parents and she left with them to a private room, “I had no idea, they were weird guys, but if it was a gift from my parents nothing could go wrong”. Finally parents after a thorough search on the internet understood the misunderstanding, so they got these men kicked out from their house and also they explained everything that’s happened to their daughter. “Well, the truth is that now I really fancy”, Laura said.

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