McDonald’s will make a new happy meal for adults

This American fast food company has announced that it shall launch a new menu for adults that will be called Happy Meal +18.

The Happy Meal contains a hamburger, French fries and a drink, but also included a erotic toy with the food only available to adults. McDonalds expected that help them increase sales by up to 14% since they will hit on a new target that so far wasn’t attracted to the restaurant. “Toys will be change every week as we do for the kids’ menu” explained the Director of Development McDonalds Spain. Accurately Spain is where McDonalds has decided to launch the new menu before launched globally, because they say “The Spanish are open-minded and sure that they will love it”.

The new Happy Meal +18 may be acquired in any McDonald’s restaurant in Spain as of next March 1 at a special launch price of only € 9.95.

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