He swears he’s been 14 years without pooping

Robert Johnson is a 35-year-old man from Boston, who says he hasn’t shit in 14 years. “I always thought it was vulgar, and that I could live without it”, the young man said.

According to Robert, “The trick is to know how to control your body. I only eat those foods that are good for me, without producing residues”. Robert traveled to Tibet when he was 21 years old, where he trained hard during almost 2 years with the Buddhist monks who taught him to retain full control over his body.

“Since I don’t shit, I am much happier and I feel handsome. I even noticed that women come to me more than before”. Researchers can’t figure out how it is possible for him to spend so much time without defecate, so they have taken him as a matter for research. In the future we can live without doing these nasty things.

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