Claims that he hasn't defecated in14 years

Claims that he hasn’t defecated in14 years

Robert Johnson is a 35-year-old man from Boston who says he hasn’t defecated in 14 years. “I always thought it was vulgar and that I could do without it”, the young man stated.

According to Robert, “The trick is to know how to control your body. I only take those foods that are benefical to me, without producing residues”. Apparently Robert traveled when he was 21 years old to Tibet, where he trained hard during almost 2 years with the Buddhist monks who taught him to retain full control over his body.

“Since I don’t shit, I am much happier and I feel handsome already. I even noticed that women come closest to me”. Researchers they can’t figure out how it is possible for a person spend as much time without defecate, so they have taken him as a matter for research, so that in future we can live without doing these nasty things.

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