Ambulance driver had a heart attack, so the injured man inside had to drive

The event happens last Monday in New York City while an ambulance transported a man who had an accident with his moped. And then, suddenly, the injured person realized that the ambulance driver was complaining of a severe chest and left arm pain. He quickly moved towards the front of the ambulance to held the wheel and prevent an accident, “his second”.

Immediately and without hesitation, the injure man with his face covered in blood, took the wheel because he supposed that man was having a heart attack. Without thinking, he just kept driving to downtown dodging cars, till he arrived to the Hospital. When the ambulance arrived medical staff was so confused about who they should be attending, to the bloody driver or dying paramedic.

The improvised driver was warmly congratulated by the medical staff, as well as family and friends, saying that his action saved the life to this man.

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