A couple goes to E.R when the young man’s brackets gets tangled on his girlfriend’s IUD

Last night a couple from Pennsylvania come to Emergency Room after just having mishap while they were having oral sex. Specifically, the young man’s brackets were hooked on the girl’s IUD, as a result that required a medical intervention.

Apparently, the couple met in a bar, they liked each other immediately. One thing led to another, and then they wound up at a hotel to spend the night. They tried to make the 69 sex position and suddenly the guy noticed that he couldn’t lift his mouth off girl’s pussy.

“Thank goodness that they were doing that position, ‘cause then is more comfortable to us move them on the stretcher”, commented one of the paramedic. “It was awkward and embarrassing, especially for the girl because she couldn’t get dress, until we found a dentist and a gynecologist in order to separate them” the watchman at the hospital said.

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