Fired from beauty center for refusing to wax butts

A woman has denounced a beauty centre where she works, she thinks it was an unfair dismissal, because she was fired after refusing to wax butts

The 23-year-old girl has been working with them for almost a year, her work was very efficient and her boss was ready to renew her contract but what happened last week was absolutely intolerable. According to her boss, it all happened when a man goes into place to practice a hair removal around his anus and when Joan, that’s the employee’s name, landed over that area screamed: “!!My God, his ass is so nasty!!” The boss had no choice but to fire her. According to the young lady, the dismissal was unfair because she can’t lay her off for telling the truth, “I understand that I have a problem with the ass, I think that I have a phobia problem. But that ass wasn’t normal, I had never seen so much hair in an ass and it was like a bottomless pit, it was like Mordor”.

Joan has referred the case to Public Prosecution and if it is established that the dismissal was unfair, the beauty centre will have to reinstate her. “Well, if I work back there, I’ll put a clause in my contract wherever it say that I will not touch another ass never again”.

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