Nun goes to the ER with her mouth inflamed and she is diagnosed with semen allergy

This interesting anecdote took place in Wisconsin, specifically at St. Mary’s Convent. One of the nuns went to hospital with an alarming inflammation in her mouth, so doctors deduced that it was a semen allergy.

The nun in question had been suffering it for a couple of days, “Fortunately it didn’t hurt, but I went to emergency room because other nuns were beginning to bother me and they compared me with Angelina Jolie or Eva Mendez”. Once the diagnostic results have been ready, they concluded “It was an allergy; it was clear from the beginning. The surprising thing was the allergy’s cause and we didn’t know how to tell her”.

The result showed it was positive to semen allergy, she replied indignantly and she filed a complaint. “Obviously that’s a mistake, this does imply that I… well, that I’ve… well, I get embarrassed, just thinking about that, but it is impossible, this substance has never been close to me”. Embarrassed woman has solicited a second opinion. Doctor were prescribed her an ointment and inflammation’s down “It was a coincidence or a miracle”.

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