Popcorn shall be prohibited in USA cinemas starting next year

The Ministry of Culture has launched a new project at the parliamentary session last Friday, therefore it shall be unlawful introduce any kind of food, including popcorn, in movie theaters of USA starting next year.

It’s been submitted the Motion Picture Association of America written complaint to the Ministry. “Finally we’ve been heard and they have banned this. People goes to the cinema to enjoy movie, not eating”, explain the Motion Picture Association of America. On the other hand mains chains of cinemas complained about this situation because profit will be getting less and they will be forced to increase tickets prices.

People have different point of views; some people advocate popcorn and others value this new project. “I don’t go to the cinema if I don’t get a bucket of popcorn between my legs, I will not enjoy it in the same way so I won’t go to the movie I’ll watch it at home”. Also drinks with straw shall be prohibited because make noise when they are drinking.

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