Biology student has been denounced for crossing a weed plant with strawberries

A 24-year-old student in the Faculty of Biology in University of Miami has been brought to the authorities after exhibiting a crossbreeding of two plant species between strawberry and marijuana in his practical class.

He has been fanatic of this plant for a long time. Also he says he hasn’t consumed any kind of marijuana “I’ve never smoked, nor one puff, I just think it’d be cool to create this crossbreeding of species, just like there are flavored tobacco products I think it would be a good idea to combine strawberry flavor with marijuana”. The teacher was very surprised so he came immediately to the principal’s office. In view of the situation, they decided to report to the authorities, so as not to jeopardize their image.

The police have taken the plant, but it was not easy, many students were trying to take it “Some of my classmate gone crazy; they wanted to cut some leaves and make a joints. But police came too soon, just I hope justice can be merciful, I’m not a junkie, just I am a student and I have been trying to play God.

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