While her boyfriend was sleeping, she sealed his anus with silicon, because she was sick or his farts.

A man had to undergo operation last Wednesday after his couple filled him his anus with silicone. The reason for this was avoid his boyfriend will farts. Police consider it a serious aggression.

Everything happened when he was sleeping. The night before the couple has celebrated their first-year anniversary with a dinner. Man ate a ration of pig’s trotters and it resulted in a sexless night with excessive gassiness. In early hours, the woman ran out to the garage to get a silicone gun and she sealed boyfriend anus. He woke up with bellyache and after noticing about everything he got into his car and tried to drive to the hospital. However, the abdominal pains did not allow him to drive, so he had to call an ambulance.

Doctors caught up to police about the situation and they opened a file and also doctors opened the boy’s anus. For this they used a pick and shovel and obviously the site was fully evacuated by the stench of flatulence.

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