27 women got pregnant after a bather wanked every day into a swimming pool

The amazing event has taken place in Gresham, a small town in Oregon, where a man had been arrested after being found guilty of impregnate to 27 women due to he ejaculated every day in the pool of his town.

Since summer began countless local residents have become pregnant, some even without having a partner or have had sex. This triggered an alarm to the authorities “We got a report of many unwanted pregnancies, after an investigation we conclude that each women had something in common and that was that they went the same place, municipal swimming pool and they had visited it during the possible gestational date”.

After an incognito research at the swimming pool, police discovered the unpleasant event, “One of the bathers was masturbated every day into the pool, even on several times a day, so that clear as day”. The lifeguard said that he had seen it last before but he assumed it was some kind of warm-up exercise because then he was started to swim like nothing´s happened. The man was arrested before he caused more trouble.

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