Firefighters pulled out a gear stick stuck inside woman’s vagina

A young girl from California was deeply involved in a hugely embarrassing event, after she was getting stuck with car gear stick into her vagina. She had to resort to contact the fire department to be saved.

Apparently woman decided to experiment with new sensations and she took advantage that she had the afternoon off. She went to a low traffic area, which it often be used by young people to give free rein to her desires. And that’s how she started getting jacking’ off with gear stick, “Well, believe it or not this is not the first time this has happened. It appears that its voluptuous shape attracts the attention of many women and they decide to try it. But the problem is that it has a big size and it occasionally gets stuck”, one fireman commented.

The woman, after being released, was taken to nearest hospital to pull out the gear stick “I’m so embarrassed, I imagine what people will think about me and it’s not true. I went to this place because I needed peace, when I tried to change seat, I slipped and fell with such bad luck to get stuck.

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