Strip clubs will be able to open, as long as the workers stay 2 meters away from the costumers

The last publication of the Official Gazette of the State of Spain, which was made public last night, clarified more details of what can and cannot be done during the so-called phase 1 of the de-escalation process, a phase in which more than half of the citizens.

One of the details that is clarified in this publication is that the strip clubs will be able to open their doors and offer their services. But their workers will have to maintain the 2-meter safety distance from their clients. The spokesman for the Spanish Association of strip clubs, Ramiro Almonte, has highlighted the absurdity of this decision, since not being able to get closer than two meters from customers is totally against the services they offer in their businesses.

Even so, the club workers have declared that they are delighted with the decision, since it takes care of their safety. «Customers will come the same, what they want is to see us and they will see us, the other is secondary.» It is estimated that a total of more than 3,000 strip clubs will open their doors in the next few hours and despite the law, there are already thousands of customers who are waiting in line for this opening to enjoy their services.

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