Man wakes from coma asking for Rum and Coke

James Smith, who live in Texas and has 21 years of age, was in a coma for six months, after receiving a blow to the head in the middle of a dispute in a public party last weekend. Doctors have diagnosed him a severe head trauma and then eventually they put him into a drug-induced coma, which he didn’t come out until yesterday.

Apparently it hadn’t even happened yet an hour ever since he woke up and when he opens his eyes and look around his first question was, if they could give him a rum and coke. In his words, “Really it is just the last and then we’re going to a club”.

Then doctors tried to explain to him that he had been about six months in a coma since that fight in which he was involved, so James started to remember little by little. However, when he realized what was happening, he continued to insist and he emphasize “So, it means that you won’t give me my drink?”. It seems that in his body and mind was marked the need that he felt in that moment, so to avoid further damage, one of his brothers went to a supermarket and he bought ice, rum and coke to please him.

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