Man showed up drunk to driving test and he gets it good on the first try

A young man from Illinois has been in the news after he had passed his driving test dead drunk. Shortly after they had granted to him his license and apparently on suspicion, he was deprived of it.

The 19-year-old boy passes his theory test without mistakes, but in his practical test he totally had that under control. His father advised him about he should be taken a stiff drink to feel relaxed and he decided to do it, “I didn’t really know what he meant, so I just take a rum, I felt nothing and It got out of hand”.

Apparently the guy showed up timely a little bit drunk, surprisingly, rum helped a great deal so much so that he passed his test without a single fault. The problem comes when they informed him that he had passed the test, so he gave the instructor a hug and a kiss, “I was very happy and excited but that is when they caught me. I really deserved it”.

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