18 ginger children were born, but the only ginger man is the village priest

The priest of a small population in Portland has been expelled from his parish after a popular vote taken the last Wednesday at the town hall.

Apparently the priest has created unrest in the people after a total of 18 ginger children have been born over the past year, though he has been the only ginger in the town, and that has raised suspicions between neighbors. After the constant complaints from parents of redhead children, the Mayor was forced to take action on the matter. And that’s why he decided to submit the priest’s permanence to a referendum.

“We live in a small town, it’s truly unnatural that 18 of the 22 children, born over the past year, are ginger”, a neighbor reported after he has cast his vote. The priest, who will leave the town after 3 years there, he will be reassigned to another parish although he still does not know his fate.

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