Touching boobs reduces anxiety to men by 90%

We have all felt anxiety once, especially when we had to play an instrument on stage, speak in public or go to a job interview.

It has been verified after a recent study carried out at the Medical University of Santa Fe, Colombia, that anxiety in men can be reduced by up to 90% touching the breasts of women, especially if they are friends, causing the narrow relationship contributes more confidence to man. This has been demonstrated with 200 men aged between 20 and 60 years. «Well, if my friends let me touch her tits, I get anxious, I put my heart to 200» was one of the answers given by people to whom the question was asked.

Obviously, this method to combat anxiety can not be recommended by doctors, because it would be reported immediately if the doctor said «if you are tense and you feel pressure in your chest, it is anxiety, ask your friends to touch their tits»

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