Hospitalized for vacuuming her ass, because she hadn’t pooped for 7 days

Yesterday morning, a neighbor from Murcia, Spain, was admitted to the Hospital with severe pain both in the abdomen and in the anal area.

“These are absurd things that you do and then you regret, I have been without poop for seven days. I was cleaning and it occurred to me to put the vacuum cleaner up my ass to see if I sucked the shit and cleaned myself but no, look at the mess I’ve gotten myself into. My daughter will kill me», said the 66-year-old lady before the medical team that attended her with total perplexity about what happened. After stabilizing the foolish patient and getting her to evacuate the faeces, she is already out of danger, under observation.

«Fortunately, the vacuum cleaner was old, if it had been one of the new ones, I would have removed the skeleton,» she literally commented to several nurses who were crying with laughter.

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