A man who is arrested with 65 weed plants, alleges it’s for himself, because of the coronavirus quarantine

It happened yesterday afternoon in a municipality of Seville, Spain. A neighbor called the emergency telephone number to alert the presence of a vehicle with a large amount of marijuana inside.

When the police officers arrived, they effectively verified that the said vehicle was in that place, verifying that an individual was unloading a large quantity of marijuana plants from the interior of the car. «Don’t blame me, you know that you have to go two or three weeks without leaving home, this is not business, it is for your own consumption in this quarantine» were the literal words that the 36-year-old man said to the perplexed agents. He was immediately detained, having to be immobilized by force.

«Since I’m going to the jail, let me take a little to relax,» he shouted as they proceeded to put him in the patrol car. He was brought to justice hours later along with the 65 marijuana plants.

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